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What gloves are best for handling cactus in 2022?

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You might be wondering what gloves are best for handling cactus. The answer depends on where you’ll be using them- outside on prickly plants or inside with smooth surfaces. 

Cacti can be prickly and difficult to work with. They don’t usually like to cooperate, and they’re not the softest things on Earth. So it’s essential to choose the right glove for your specific gardening needs. But what kind of gloves should you wear when handling cacti? 

Quick overview of 5 best gloves for handling cactus

It’s a question that many people have asked, but the answer is often not clear. So to find out, I did some research and found these five options: 

1. Vgo 2-Pairs Premium-best leather gloves for handling cactus

2. GLOSAV Durable-best gardening gloves for handling cactus

3. Rose Pruning Long-best premium quality gardening gloves for cactus

4. Professional Rose Pruning Thorn Proof-best gloves for handling cactus

5. NoCry Long Leather-best durable gloves for handling cactus

Product nameMaterialSizeDimensions/weight
Vgo 2-Pairs Premium glovesPremium cow grain leatherMen’s X-Large15.3 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches, 16 ounces,  
GLOSAV Durable glovesHPPE material,Medium10.2 x 8.6 x 1.1 inches, ‎3.98 ounces,
Rose Pruning Long glovesDeerskin + Goatskin Genuine LeatherS, M, L11.18 x 8.07 x 1.93 inches, 8.47 Ounces,
Professional Rose Pruning Thorn Proof glovesFaux LeatherLargeNA
NoCry Long Leather glovesLeatherLarge1 x 6.3 x 13.77 inches, 6.3 ounces,

 What gloves are best for handling cactus?

Here we will go through our in-depth review of the five best gloves for handling cactus. Our thorough review will help you to choose your next gardening gear carefully. 

Vgo 2-Pairs Premium-best leather material gloves for handling cactus 

The Vgo 2-Pairs Premium Cow Grain Leather Extra-long Cuff Thornproof Gardening Gloves are designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and protection for your hands while handling cactus. The gloves come in a pair so that you can use them for different gardening tasks. 

These gloves have extra long cuffs that will protect your wrists from scratches caused by thorns or other sharp objects around the garden. In addition, they feature an elastic band at the wrist for a snug fit which prevents dirt from getting into the glove through the opening.



● Vgo’s premium cow grain leather is a durable material that will last for years. 

● The soft texture feels great on the hands and ensures a comfortable fit.


● They are designed to reduce vibration when driving, running, or riding a motorcycle. 

● This feature also helps prevent fatigue so that you can drive longer without discomfort.


● The Vgo 2-Pairs Premium Cow Grain Leather Gloves (Black) is designed to fit your hand like a glove. 

● The premium cow grain leather is soft and supple yet durable enough for all-day use.


● With the touchscreen function, you can use your smartphone or tablet without removing your gloves!

● Slide your fingers into the thumb and index finger of the glove for instant access to all the devices’ features.


  1. ● Thick padding
  2. ● Finger Wall design
  3. ● 100 leather material


  • ● Not work well with cactus with Glochid

Why do we recommend this product?

Luxury Gardening Gloves for Women and Men, 100% Cow Grain Leather Gardening Gloves with Thorns Protection is a special weapon for saving hands from cactus. The premium quality gardening gloves are made from soft cow grain leather, which is very comfortable. In addition, the unique finger wall design will give you a better touch feeling when working in the garden or yard. 

GLOSAV Durable-best Gardening Gloves for Men for handling cactus

GLOSAV Durable Gardening Gloves for Men are made of high-quality nitrile. It is durable, cut-resistant, puncture-proof, and water-resistant. These thorn armor gardening gloves can protect your hands from thorns and other sharp objects while working in the garden or doing home improvement projects. 

The material of these work gloves is flexible enough to give you great comfort when working with your hands. In addition, it has a double coating on the palm side which makes it more durable than single-coated gloves.



● Gardening is a great way to relax and de-stress. 

● However, it can also be quite dangerous!

● Protect hands from thorns, splinters, and other sharp objects with these puncture-proof gardening gloves.


● These cut-resistant work gloves are made of 5 layers of high-quality HPPE material that’s lightweight yet durable. 

● They’re perfect for construction workers who need protection from sharp objects like glass shards or metal pieces.


● The gloves are made of 5 cut resistance HPPE material, which is more durable and comfortable than other materials. 

● You can wear them comfortably when working in the garden. 


● They will not slip off even if your hands sweat a lot.


● The gloves are water-resistant and grease-proof. 

● They can protect your hands from water splashes and oil stains during gardening, such as planting, weeding, watering, etc. 

● It is very convenient to use touchscreen devices with these gloves on!


  1. ● Water-resistant
  2. ● Greaseproof
  3. ● Slip proofing
  4. ● Durable construction


  • ● Some complaints about puncture-proof features

Why do we recommend this product?

The GLOSAV gardening gloves are durable nitrile rubber with a double coating on the palm and fingers. It will protect you from thorns and other sharp objects when pruning plants or cutting branches. The thickened palms can also reduce slippage when pulling weeds.

Rose Pruning -best long gloves for handling cactus

Rose Pruning Long Gardening Gloves are made of soft deerskin, double thorn proof for women. It is the best choice for every beautiful woman to protect her hands & forearms in the garden. This product is tone-on-tone stitching, breathable and lightweight. It is very comfortable to wear.

Long Gardening Gloves for cactus are made of soft deerskin, double thorn proof for women. It is the best choice for every beautiful woman to protect her hands & forearms in the garden. This product is tone-on-tone stitching, breathable and lightweight.



● These rose pruning gloves are made of high-quality leather, which is soft and comfortable to wear. 

● The long gauntlet design can effectively protect your hands from scratches. 

● Moreover, the elbow-length design makes it convenient for you to do gardening work in spring and summer.


● With two layers of genuine leather palm, these rose pruning gloves can provide better protection for the hands against thorns and other sharp objects. 

● It also allows you to have a firm grip on tools when doing gardening work.

Lightweight design: 

● These gloves feature a lightweight design that makes moving around the garden easy without feeling weighed down. 

● The breathable material is also comfortable and won’t make your hands sweat or stick together as some materials do.

Long sleeve: 

● The long sleeves on these gloves provide extra protection against scratches and scrapes when you’re working in the garden. 

● They can even be used as arm guards if you need them to be! You’ll love how versatile they are!


  1. ● Comfortable material
  2. ● Two layers of leather palm
  3. ● Long-sleeve design


● No technical flaw in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

Rose gardening gloves are made from soft deerskin and double thorn-proof fabric to protect your hands and forearms in the garden. The long gauntlet design keeps you covered from wrist to elbow so you can work without the worry of getting scratched or poked. These gloves have a wide stretchy opening that makes them easy to put on and take off. 

Professional Rose Pruningbest premium quality gloves for handling cactus

Professional Rose Pruning Thorn Proof Gardening Gloves with Long Forearm Protection for Men and Women are designed to protect your hands, arms, and wrists from scratches, cuts, bruises, and other injuries.

These long-sleeved gloves feature a breathable mesh fabric on the back of the hand that allows air circulation, and thorn-proof gloves protecting you against thorns. The durable synthetic leather palm is reinforced to provide extra protection against thorn punctures. Khombu’s rose pruning gardening gloves also include an elastic wrist strap for a secure fit.



● Gardening Gloves are essential for gardeners. 

● These gloves will protect your hands from scratches and thorns while also protecting the plant from damage.


● These gardening gloves are lightweight and durable, allowing you to work with ease.

● They’re made of synthetic leather, so they’ll last long without tearing or wearing out!


● The material is flexible and breathable, allowing air to circulate through the glove as you work in the hot sun. 

● You won’t feel like your hands are sweating as much as they would with other gardening gloves!


● Ideal for both men and women to enjoy gardening or landscaping in their spare time.

● The soft fabric is comfortable to wear even when working for extended periods.


  1. ● Comfortable to wear
  2. ● Flexible material
  3. ● Affordable price


● Only 1 pair

Why do we recommend this product?

The Professional Rose Pruning Thorn Proof Gardening Gloves with Long Forearm Protection for Men and Women is essential for gardeners. The gloves are produced from high-quality materials, which makes them comfortable and durable. It comes in different colors to choose from. 

NoCry Long Leather -best comfortable Gardening Gloves for handling cactus

The NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves are made of thick, soft and supple leather. They are the best gloves for beauty aspirants working on cactus and roses.  The gloves have extra long forearm protection and reinforced fingertips and palms for added durability. 

The gloves also feature a wide elastic band that is adjustable to fit all sizes. The breathable material allows your hands to breathe while you work in the garden. The gloves are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.



● The NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves are designed for comfort and flexibility. 

● They have a snug fit that will not hinder your hands from moving freely.


● They are made with tough goatskin leather to protect you from thorns and other sharp objects. 

● It is also breathable. It won’t make your hands sweat or feel uncomfortable while gardening!


● These gloves are flexible enough to be able to work in tight spaces without losing dexterity. 

● The long length allows you to reach high places without worrying about getting pricked by a thorn!


  1. ● Flexible material
  2. ● Goat leather material
  3. ● Durable construction


  • ● Some say dye color can take off.

Why do we recommend this product?

The NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves are the ultimate in gardening gloves. These gloves have been handcrafted with extra-long forearm protection and reinforced palms and fingertips for added strength and durability. The unique design of these gloves also includes an elasticized wrist for increased comfort and grip. These special gardening gloves offer you near puncture proof protection for your hands while doing yard work or other household chores!

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Q. How do you get cactus spines out of gloves?

A. To get cactus spines out of gloves, grab a bottle of vinegar and pour it over your hands. The acidity will dissolve the spiny needles! Moreover, to get spines out of gloves, you can wear them while doing the dishes or buy a pair that’s made of a different material.

Q. How do you grow a cactus without getting poked?

A. One way to grow a cactus without getting poked is by wearing gloves. Be careful when handling a cactus, as they have sharp spikes. Please do not pick up a cactus by its trunk or stem. If you want to move your cactus from one room to another, first water it and then dig down the soil and put it there. 

Q. How do you repot a cactus without hurting yourself?

A. It’s pretty simple. Make sure you’re wearing gloves because the spines are sharp. Use a trowel to lift the cactus carefully, then put it into its new pot, making sure it has enough soil without burying too much. 

Q.How do you handle a small cactus?

A. I put it in a jar and kept it on the windowsill. I like to put my cactus in front of a window that gets as much sun as possible. I also don’t water it very often because this tends to rot the roots and cause them to become mushy.

Q. How do you plant succulents and cacti? 

A. You can grow succulents and cacti by choosing a pot with good drainage so the soil doesn’t get too soggy. Succulents are so easy to grow. You have to plant them in a pot with soil, water them about once every week, and place the plants near a window. 

Q. How do you repot a prickly cactus?

A. Repotting a prickly cactus is easy! Make sure you wear gloves and proceed carefully. First, remove the old soil from the roots, then wash out any dust. After that, please place it in a new pot with fresh soil and water. 

Q. How do you repot a tall cactus? 

A. One of the essential things about repotting a cactus is making sure you choose the right pot. Pick one with drainage holes when selecting a pot because soil can rot if it gets too saturated.

Q. What happens if you leave cactus needles in your hand?

A. Ouch! Cactus needles are very sharp, and it hurts a lot when they get stuck in your hand. It’s best to handle them with gloves or tongs. If you get cactus needles in your hand, don’t panic! Rinse the area with soap and water. If the needle is still there, scrape it out gently with a credit card or fingernail file before you wash again.

Q. Will cactus needles fall out on their own?

A. The answer to your question depends on the kind of cactus. If it’s a saguaro, then yes, the needles will eventually fall out. These needles are sharp and do not come off quickly, so you’ll need to be careful when handling them. 

Q. What to do if a cactus pricks you?

A. If you get pricked by a cactus, don’t panic. First, be sure that the end of your finger is not showing any signs of an infection (redness, swelling). If it’s not infected, soak it in warm water and use any sharp edge thing to take it off. 

Q. How do you keep a cactus upright?

A. You can keep a cactus upright by putting it in a clear vase filled with rocks. You can also set the cactus on top of your monitor and let the stems hang down.

Q. When should I repot my cactus?

A. It’s best to repot your cactus in the summer or fall. You can also do it during winter or spring, but be sure to keep it indoors until you’re finished!

Q. Can you touch a cactus?

A. Yes, you can touch a cactus. It’s one of the fastest-growing plants globally and an incredible source of water during times of drought.


With so many different types of cactus, it’s essential to know which gloves are best for your needs. Choosing suitable gloves is necessary for picking up cactus, but there are many types of gloves to choose from. So what gloves are best for handling cactus? That’s why we created this list of the five best gardening gloves that will protect you from any prickly plant life while also giving you a comfortable grip on tools and plants. Whether you need something sturdy or flexible, these five options should have what you need! Which type do you prefer?