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What Can I Put in a Water Garden? Best Options and Tips!

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Water gardens can include aquatic plants, fish, invertebrates, and even turtles or frogs. Additional features such as waterfalls, fountains, and rocks can also be included for added visual appeal.

Water gardens are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space and can offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Whether you have a large pond or a small container, there are many options to choose from when it comes to filling your water garden.

Aquatic plants such as lotus, water lilies, and iris not only add beauty to your water garden, but they also help filter the water and provide oxygen for fish. Speaking of fish, they are also a popular addition to water gardens and can provide a fun and interactive element. If you prefer a more natural setting, invertebrates such as snails and insects can thrive in your water features. No matter what you decide to include, a well-designed water garden can provide a unique and serene escape right in your own backyard.

What Can I Put in a Water Garden? Best Options and Tips!


Best Plants For Water Gardens

Selecting the best plants for a water garden requires a careful consideration of visual appeal and compatibility with the environment. Some of the best plant options for water gardens include water lotus, water lilies and water hyacinth. Water lotus is a popular choice for its beautiful flowers, circular leaves and striking overall appearance.

To plant and care for water lotus, one must provide plenty of sunlight and frequent fertilization. Water lilies are admired for their elegant and vibrant flowers and are best planted in shallow waters. Hyacinths play an important role in managing algae by absorbing excess nutrients.


They require little maintenance and can grow in most types of aquatic environments. By planting these plants, you can add beauty and life to your water garden while ensuring a healthy ecosystem.

Aquatic Life For Water Gardens

Aquatic life can make a water garden more interesting and lively. Before introducing aquatic life to a water garden, it’s important to consider compatibility with the environment. Fish, snails, and turtles can be excellent choices for water gardens. Different types of fish can be introduced to a water garden, but it’s important to choose appropriate fish that are compatible with the environment.

Fish can benefit water gardens by feeding on mosquito larvae and adding vibrant colours. Snails are also beneficial in water gardens by feeding on algae. Choosing appropriate snails for a water garden is important to avoid invasive species. Turtles can also be fun to watch in water gardens; however, selecting appropriate turtles is essential to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Overall, aquatic life can be an excellent addition to a water garden with proper research and consideration.

Other Considerations For Water Gardens

To keep your water garden healthy, it’s important to maintain a balance between plants and aquatic life. Too many plants can hinder the growth of fish and other animals. It’s also crucial to consider water quality and filtration. Chemicals and excess buildup can harm plant and animal life.

Regular maintenance can help keep your water garden in good health.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Can I Put In A Water Garden?

What Are The Best Plants For A Water Garden?

A mix of submerged, floating, and marginal plants give the best balance.

How Do I Keep My Water Garden Clean?

Keep debris out, add beneficial bacteria, and clean filters regularly to maintain clean water.

What Kind Of Fish Can I Put In A Water Garden?

Koi and goldfish are the most common and easy to care for fish species.

How Deep Should A Water Garden Be?

The depth of a water garden should be 18-24 inches for most plants and fish.

How Often Do I Need To Fertilize My Water Plants?

Fertilize once a month during the growing season with aquatic plant fertilizer.

Can I Put A Fountain Or Waterfall In My Water Garden?

Yes, installing a fountain or waterfall helps aerate and oxygenate the water.

Do I Need A Pump For My Water Garden?

A pump is essential to circulate the water and keep it oxygenated for plant and fish health.


As we conclude on our discussion on what to put in a water garden, we hope that you have gained valuable insights into the various options available. A water garden offers a unique and refreshing way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space while also providing a natural habitat for aquatic life.

Whether you opt for water lilies, lotus, cattails, or fish, the key to a successful water garden lies in selecting the right combination of plants and aquatic life that is unique to your particular climate and location. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, a water garden has numerous ecological benefits, including purifying water, reducing erosion, and providing shelter for wildlife.

By embracing a water garden today, you can not only enjoy the natural beauty of aquatic plants and animals, but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable planet.