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Best String Trimmer Line: Top 5 Performers with Buying Guide

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Are you very upset about maintaining your lawn and garden to keep it neat and tidy? Don’t worry! Today you are going to read our complete Top 5 Best String Trimmer Line review. String Trimmer Line is available to make your problem solved. People always think about how they can maintain their lawns to make it fashionable and attractive. When investing in an expensive product, we look for value for money that is what you will get with String Trimmer Line. This string trimmer line is easy to use and transport. String trimmer line has some smart and amazing feature which you will like.

From General Point of View

The String Trimmer Line is known as many names. Some people call it weed eater, some call weed whacker. Some another call it weed whip; others call it line trimmer. It is also called as brush cutter, whipper snippier, and trimmer. What the people get it like names, it depends on the various geographical locations. In this article you are going to read about the top 5 best string trimmer line.

What Is String Trimmer Line?

When people want to reform their landscapes, they attempt to kill weeds and grass to kill them to make the area neat, tight, or lined. In this aspect, the foremost best tool to use could be a string trimmer line. String trimmer tool is designed with strong, long, and whipping fabric items that move plants with comfort and organized. The extended material is named the trimmer line. Find Cordless trimmers here.

Types of String Trimmer Line

Different types of string trimmer line are found available in the market. Below is the list for the string trimmer line, which will help you gather knowledge. In this content, you will read about top 5 best string trimmer line. We hole, you will get benefit from here.

  •  Gasoline String Trimmer Line.
  • Electric String Trimmer Line.
  •  Battery Powered String Trimmer Line.

Now, we are going to describe on top 5 best string trimmer line step by step, so we will be able to save some time to search out your finest one from the lists we have provided below. Let’s go there.

01. Oregon 22-095 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095 Inches.

Brand: Oregon.

Product Description:

Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line is suitable for the experts who need their required tasks done in actual time. They also want their tools to be long-lasting and robust for cutting grass and weeds quickly with breaking the large sizable brushes during the process.

Feature Image of the Product:

Oregon 22-095 Magnum Gatoline Square Trimmer Line

Product Information:

  •  Dimensions of the Product: 12 · 12 · 12 inches
  •  Weight: 6.35 pounds (2.88 kilograms).
  •  Manufacturer: Oregon.
  •  ASIN: B0018U018W.
  •  Model Number: 22-095.
  •  Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5.


  •  High cutting efficiency.
  •  It’s durable.
  •  Powerful.
  •  Square trimmer line.
  •  The Trimmer line is .095 inches.
  •  Quickly can fix with much string trimmer simulations.

02. Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines.

Brand: Husqvarna.

Product Description:

Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line is made from the United States of America, designed with modern technology. This tool features long-lasting, quick speeding, and level flinging. It is capable of granting high productivity and low noise.

Husqvarna Titanium Trimmer Line always provides the most effective work environment and suitable for grass trimming.

Feature Image of the Product:

Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

Product Information:

  •  Product Size (L · W · H) : 11080 · 0.1 · 0.1 inches.
  •  Weight of the product: 3.04 pounds (1.38 kilogram).
  •  Color : Orange / Grey.
  •  Manufacturer : Husqvarna.
  •  ASIN: B004BQ4QX6.
  •  Model Name: Titanium Force.
  •  Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5.


  •  Light-weight.
  •  Cutting edge technology.
  •  Long-lasting.
  •  Speedy.
  •  High productivity.
  •  Low noise.
  •  Free line cutter.
  •  Reduce fuel consumption.
  •  Fits all standard trimmer head.

03. Cyclone CY095D1-12 Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer Lines.

Brand: Cyclone.

Product Description:

Desert Extrusion Corporation manufactures cyclone CY095D1-12 Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer Lines. The Cyclone is the biggest trimmer line supplier in the lawn and garden salable industry, uses higher quality materials to produce products for the customers, and offers an orange color to the users with 285 feet trimmer line.

Cyclone CY095D1-12 Trimmer Line is taken into account with copolymer nylon formula to make its strength and durability. It features a measure of Diameter of .095 inches by 289 feet and six blades pattern.

Feature Image of the Product:

Cyclone CY095D1-12 Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer Line

Product Information:

  •  Product Size: 2 · 9.7 · 8.1 inches.
  •  Weight : 1.1 pounds (0.5 kg).
  •  Color: Orange.
  •  Manufacturer: Cyclone.
  •  ASIN: B000E2AYXW.
  •  Model Number: CY095D1-12.
  •  Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5.


  •  Made with copolymer nylon form.
  •  Six blades shaped pattern.
  •  Long-lasting.
  •  Durable.
  •  Diameter .095 inch by 289 feet, and six blades pattern.
  •  Orange color.

04. Oregon 22-855 Heavy-Duty Square String Trimmer Line.

Brand: Oregon.

Product Description:

Oregon 22-855 Square String Trimmer Line is designed with heavy-duty Magnum. Gatorline is suitable for professionals. It is long-lasting, robust, and durable. It helps to cut the weeds and grass quickly and accurately to make the landscape neat and tidy. It’s capable of managing cutting plants in an organized way. It matches with many other heads systems such as fixed-line, semi, or automatic other heads. On the other hand, it also ties up with most gas, electric, and battery-powered coiled trimmer lines. It is a weight of 3 pounds (1.36 kilogram) roll, square design, and covered with secure fibers.

Feature Image of the Product:

Oregon 22-855 Heavy-Duty Square String Trimmer Line

Product Information:

  •  Product Size: twelve x twelve x twelve inches.
  •  Weight: 3.3 pounds (1.5 kilograms).
  •  Manufacturer: Oregon.
  •  ASIN: B0018TZZUM.
  •  Model Number: 22-855.
  •  Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5.


  •  It’s long-lasting.
  •  Light-weight.
  •  Durable.
  •  It’s powerful.
  •  Cuts weeds and grass quickly.
  •  Three shapes-Round, square, and super twist.

05. A ANLEOLIFE 5-Pound Heavy Duty Square String Trimmer Line.


Product Description:

ANLEOLIFE 5-Pound Heavy Duty Square String Trimmer Line features with dual-core, fast speeding, and level flying, run noiseless, less fuel consumption, replacement of heads lines matching with others trimmers like electric, gas, etc. 


This tool is easy to use and keeps your garden neat and tidy. 

Feature Image of the Product:

A ANLEOLIFE-5 Pound Heave Duty Square String Trimmer Line

Product Information:

  •  Product Size: eight.8 · 7.2 x five inches.
  •  Weight: 4.79 pounds (2.17 kilogram).
  •  Color: Heavy-Duty.
  •  Manufacturer: Anliolife.
  •  ASIN: B078JBXZMP.
  •  Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5.


  •  Long-lasting.
  •  Dual-core.
  •  Noiseless.
  •  Less fuel consumption.
  •  Speedy.
  •  Durable.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Trimmer Line 

Generally, all the trimmer lines look the same. They are in different colors and available in some packaging as well. All of them seem to be capable of the same tasks, but they are not in most cases. There are a variety of differences from the trimmer line to the trimmer line in their functions. A handful of critical options to asses once selecting a trimmer line are the fabric is made of durability, Diameter, etc. We hope, you have gotten some important information to read our review about the top 5 best string trimmer line which can help you to find out your desired one.


Although. Trimmer line is thin itself; it comes in a very number of various shapes. Every shape of the trimmer line makes a difference in how fine it cuts the weeds and grass. The primary common forms are usually as below:

Round Shape: Round trimmer line shape is suitable for small jobs around your lawn and garden.

 Multi-side Shape: Multi-side trimmer shape is preferable for the medium size of tasks at your property.

 Serrate and twist Shape: These trimmer lines are applied where plenty of thick weeds and grass are there in your property, especially these trimmer lines used in significant areas.


The Trimmer line is created out of some entirely different materials. Different trimmer lines are made with different materials. For example, a light-duty trimmer line is made of plastic and nylon materials. On the other hand, a heavy-duty trimmer line is from a mix of different materials like nylon, aluminum, and artificial polymers. The more materials are the secret of the longevity and strength of the trimmer line.


If you trimmer line breaks soon, you have to replace it soon. Before purchasing any trimmer line, you have to study some reviews online to get ideas about the right one’s longevity and strength, as you will pay equal or more money to buy it.

Frequently changing the trimmer line will be the reason inconvenient and annoying and also for losing money. To avoid inconvenience from the trimmer line, you should select and pick the right trimmer line.


The central necessary part of a trimmer line is Diameter. It directly affects the trimmer line’s capacity in chopping weeds and grass. The range of Diameter of different sizes of trimmer lines are as below:

  • Light Diameters: Range from 0.065 inches to 0.080 inches.
  • Medium Diameters: Range from 0.085 inches to 0.105 inches.
  • Heavy Diameters: Range from 0.110 inches to above.

We believe that you have got the necessary information by studying this top 5 best string trimmer line content already.

Why There Are Different Trimmer Line Shapes?

The shape of the trimmer line is significant for the capacity. There are some main shapes of trimmer lines found in the market. The indication of the shapes can help you out the famous trimmer line, or the best one you are seeking for is as below.

1. Round Designed String: 

Round strings are the most common popular for every home user as they are used to working with it. This little size string line refills most of the string trimmer, although it has not been to face up to the more oversized materials, and also it can change a lot swiftly in these situations.

2. Square Designed String: 

The square-designed string is back-geared towards the standard property-owner who needs to take care of their more massive weeds.

3. X-Shaped Designed String: 

X-Shaped Designed String is intended for every owner and professional to trim the most challenging things by this robust tool.

4. 5-Side Designed String:

The 5-side designed string is available in various sizes, which helps to cut weeds and grass smoothly.

5. 6-Side Designed String:

The 6-side designed string is designed as a professional-grade capable of cutting most of the plain weeds and grass and all plain cutting related jobs.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go. How was the Top 5 best string trimmer line review? Top 5 best string trimmer line may not fulfil every lawn owner’s requirement, but trimmer line is definitely the easy to use, convenient and simple. Lawn owners will like it because of it’s easy use with existing trimmer head.

We have connected all about the top 5 best string trimmer line in this article. We aimed to help you out to find the best trimmer line model for your regular workload. Remember, find the manual to check out the standard String, which will meet your daily maintenance.

The String trimmer line is an essential tool for the landowner to cut weeds and grass to keep the lawn or garden neat and tide. Keep attention to select the right String, which will facilitate you to do your daily work smoothly. It will be wise to invest your money to buy a high-quality string trimmer line. When any one is looking convenience, price, longevity and functionality, Top 5 Best String Trimmer Line is the right answer.