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Should I fertilize my lawn in the winter?

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Should I fertilize lawn in winter

There are different types of grass grown in the lawn, depending on the type of soil, climate, the quantity of sunlight the yard is getting, etc. Also, it matters how often you are used to cutting your grass from there. Here, we will give you details about the query, should I fertilize my lawn in the winter? Considering all those things, you need to apply fertilizer to the lawn over the year, including winter. You will get all the information below, step by step.

Benefits of a Lawn

If you can create a lawn with the right grass based on the weather and environment, you must enjoy your yard forever. It also can add and increase the aesthetic value of your home.
A lawn can give you many benefits, and this can make sure you get the best from the free space of the garden. Your free time will be great fun working on the lawn. Family parties and get-togethers will be arranged in the beautifully designed lawn instead of party centers.

Fertilizing in the Winter

During the winter season, there are benefits of spreading fertilizer. But, the fertilizer will not be the same that is used over the year until your lawn is dynamically increasing.
When the cold month comes to the front, the grass rises to slow down and be semi-active because the soil temperature falls in 14 degrees Celsius.
In most cases, three vital nutrients are essential in fertilizing to maintain lawn health. They are-

  • Nitrogen,
  • Phosphorus and
  • Potassium

Nitrogen works as the central part to grow the leaf of the grass strongly. Besides this, phosphorus promotes a growing root. Potassium acts for the general health of the green. Apart from these, lawn also requires micronutrients like iron, zinc, and related other ingredients. Fertilizers help to supply all these micronutrients to the yard.

In the winter season, generally, the grass grows very slowly as the reason for blowing cold air as well as losing nutrition of the soil during the month of hot summer. In this time, the grass becomes harsh. It is high time to spray fertilizer on the lawn. As a result, your yard will be filled up with green and healthy grass accordingly because the grass is getting feeds from the manure. Find lawn care tips for winter.


After spreading fertilizer, wet your yard lightly to bathe the fertilizer and don’t side work or driveway. You need to sprinkle if it does not rain regularly. When the cold weather is changed, remain fertilizer, which is inside the soil, will be helpful to the roots of the grasses as their feeds on the lawn. After winter, when spring comes, your lawn will be filled up with full of green and healthy pastures.

FAQs around Should I fertilize my lawn in the winter?

What are the winter months in USA?

Answer: December, January and February are the winter months in USA.

How late can you put down fertilizers to take benefits of winter lawn?

Answer: You can put down fertilizers to take benefits of the winter lawn in late October or early November.

What type of fertilizer to use in winter?

Answer: Winterizer or fertilizer containing nitrogen and potassium can be used. However,  any organic with these ingredients are also okey.

What is the best Winterizer fertilizer?

Answer: You may try Jonathan Green.

When should I fertilize my lawn before winter?

Answer: It depends on your area. Try to know the probable date when the lawn may freeze and apply fertilizers at least 15 days earlier.

How do I prepare my lawn for winter?

Answer: Find the tips here and here.

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