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15 Lawn Care Tools and Their Uses

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15 Lawn Care Tools and Their Uses

Proper lawn care takes a lot of tasks and processes. Various types of tools are required for making such functions easy and perfect. Here are 15 lawn care tools and their uses. They can help you to start or maintain gardening on a lawn or in a garden.

15 Lawn Care Tools and Their Uses

Tool # 01: Hand Glove:

The first and most useful tool is Hand Glove, among all the tools for working in the lawn and garden. This always helps the user’s hands safe and gives a comfortable feeling during the period of execution. This glove can save the user’s hands from cuts, outbreaks, blisters, and related so on. Before purchasing the hand glove, you have to be ensured that the glove fits you well, comfortable, and durable. Find the best lawn edgers here.

Tool # 02: Sprayers:

For smooth caring of the Lawn and Garden, Sprayers is a very essential tool for gardening lovers. This tool is used for spraying water, medicine, fertilizer, etc. to the plants in the garden. This tool makes your job lighter and more manageable in a short time. And it also gives you the real finishing of the tasks for the plants in gardening. The Sprayer is basically a dispenser. Its containing capacity is 16 Litre. It has a pressurized sprayer and also two belts behind for holding it.

Tool # 03: Tiller and Cultivator:

Tiller and Cultivator is an essential tool for the garden. It makes the soil turned easily and quickly. Before planting plants, this tool helps you to make your lawn and garden bed prepared perfectly with a short time. Learn the differences between a tiller and a cultivator. If you are looking for the best tillers for your lawn or garden, find them here.

Tool # 04: Garden Roller:

Garden Roller is a magic tool for the lawn and garden, which works as very efficient as a person works with his/her hands and feet. This tool is either pushed or pulled by the hands or is needed to attach to a garden tractor. Actually, a garden roller is a drum and made with plastic or metal, etc.


When the roller is filled up by the sand or water, the roller is many times heavy than the empty drum. It is needed to pull or push the Garden Roller across the hardness ground as per the required. After all, garden roller keeps the soil level. Hand pull or push roller is better for the small yards. For the commercial function, it is needed to be employed large tractor for saving time and energy as well.

Tool # 05: Drill Machine:

Drill Machine is an essential tool for gardening. It works in many ways, like digging of different types of soil for planting plants. It can dig a deep hole up to 6 inches easily without any device.

Tool # 06: Garden Knife:

Garden knife is also an essential tool that is made of metal or stainless steel and sharp enough for cutting and digging. It really works for multipurpose like cutting roots and plants, digging soil, etc., even also for taking the measurement.

Tool # 07: Watering Can:

Water can is a water Container. It is obviously essential for the lawn and garden in giving water to the plants. It can be used by hand to regular watering as well as water like a shower. It is portable, and it has a funnel and a handle. It is in different shapes and sizes and made with various things like metal, plastic, ceramic, etc. and it’s water holding capacity is different, like 0.5 liters to 10 liters. We use it to avoid too much water force on the plants and soil.

Tool # 08: Scissors:

There is even none who loves gardening and does not know about the Scissors. Scissors are a tool that is operated by the hand that works in multiple ways in gardening. For cutting branches of the plants, hedge shaping of the tree, etc. are the examples of the Scissor’s use.

Tool # 09: Hand Trowel:

Although Hand Trowel is a small tool, it has many important uses. When we need to dig a small hole for planting plants, we use a hand trowel. On the other hand, it is used to move soil as well as measuring the depth of the hole.

Tool # 10: Wheel Barrow:

Wheel Barrow is used for moving things such as soil, plants, mulch, hay, garden-related equipment, etc. from one place to another place crossways short and long-distance.

Tool # 11: Rakes:

A rake is a long-handled tool that works for digging, spreading, gathering dead leaves, grass clipping, separating the stone from the soil, etc.

Tool # 12: Chain Saw:

Chainsaws are very essentials for cutting, felling, bucking of trees for various reasons. They come with some teeth to cut the wood. To have a nice lawn, you may require cleaning large trees where chain saws play the perfect role.

Tool # 13: Hedge trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a very effective tool for keeping your hedge in an expected and beautiful shape. Learn more about the best electric hedge trimmers here. You need to take some hedge trimmer safety measures available here.

Tool # 14: String trimmer

a string trimmer is a must-have lawn tool for cutting grass, small plants, or groundcovers. Learn what is and how to use them here.

Tool # 15: Lawn Mower

A lawn mower cuts the grass or plants in an even height to give your lawn smooth look. There are lots of types of mowers based on power, push, etc.


A properly maintained lawn is a great source of enjoyment and satisfaction. It is a good hobby and an artistic way of showing creativity. To furnish the purpose of doing the best lawn care you must have some tools. This article will shed light on 15 lawn care tools and their uses to make you aware and informed. We hope your lawn will embrace some extra beauty with these 15 lawn care tools.