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The best lawn care insurance companies | Cost and coverage 2022

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The landscaping service is much more complicated because of the outdoor design to transform spaces, planting, and construction. When it is complete, hardscape elements are installed like fire pits, waterfalls, walkways, lighting, etc. There are also many other things to do as a landscaper. You will need regular lawn care insurance. Here we will give you the list of the best lawn care insurance companies which provide lawn insurance in the USA.

These companies will claim for all the expenses against you. Generally, lawn care refers to maintaining the color, health, and other lawn care existing through the years. Under lawn care, some additional services such as fertilization, seeding, soil testing, irrigation, trees deep root feeding and weed control, etc. They are creating peaceful outdoor environments, human-made features, along plants. 

USA top 10 companies of lawn care insurance

NameIssue AgeMinimum CoverageMaximum CoverageMedical exam required
Northwestern Mutual18 to 100Not listedNot listedyes
MassMutual  18 to 80$2000$10000000Depends on policy
Transamerica  18 to 75$25000$10000000Depends on policy
New York Life  18 to 90$100000$25000000yes
Prudential  18 to 75$100000$10000000yes
Guardian Life  18 to 75$250000$5000000Depends on policy
State Farm  18 to 75$100000$3000000Depends on policy
Lincoln Financial  18 to 60$100000$1000000Depends on policy
MetLife  21 to 85$50000$100000+No
John Hancock  20 to 60$25000$65000000Depends on policy

Kind of insurance for lawn care business

For a lawn care business, we need the kind of insurance called general liability insurance. It helps empower and small business owners to do the job for which they trained. General liability is highly recommended for lawn care businesses because there is a high risk of nature for this kind of work.

Who needs Landscaping Insurance?

Landscaping insurance is essential for:

  • 1. Landscape designer
  • 2. Landscapers
  • 3. Landscape Architects
  • 4. Lawn Irrigation Contractors
  • 5. Tree Trimmers

They all need a landscaping insurance policy because they will be there for you when you need it.

Landscaping Insurance Cost

The cost of landscaping depends on your business. Is it small or large, and many other factors such as zip code, size of your team, coverage limit, and the length of coverage determine the risk that comes with ensuring your landscaping business. Or, if you run your landscaping business from home, then you need home-based business insurance. The company will figure out all these things. But be careful you don’t need to commit to expensive and long policies for your small business.

Do I need lawn care Insurance?

Yes, of course, because you are a business owner, there is no way to complete the risk of injury or property damage on your job site. The insurance helps protect your property’s damage and loss and covers the place of business and the things you use in your business; after insurance, you will be free from all these responsibilities.

How Does It Protect the business?

The Lawn care insurance companies and landscaping firm purchase clients’ general liability, protecting against injuries and damaging properties. Every company has its policy in which you pay the company fees monthly. The company policy will provide services such as paying medical bills, repairs of damaged property, or replacement of property, and many other things that depend on insurance type. The insurance of property is beneficial and vital for owners. No one knows about their future because one unfortunate incident can give you much financial loss and put your business at risk.

General Liability insurance for lawn care professionals

All lawn care and landscaping businesses purchase general liability insurance, which protects all the injuries and properties against the clients. They will pay all the loss of their clients through their policy, including replacements of property, repairing of damaging property, all medical bills, and other different types of coverage that you carry in a package or separately.

How to buy the lawn care insurance

First of all, find the lawn care insurance provider or agent, contact them who have experience in the lawn care industry. The agent will guide and which is the best fit for you. Because lawn care insurance has many different kinds, it doesn’t matter which insurance policies you select for your business. But we will suggest that I buy plans that provide the best protection plans.

For commercial property insurance, keep in mind the replacement value option which will cover the cost of replacing a three years old lawn mower with a brand new one. The cash value policies are mostly cheaper as compared to other approaches.

Things that cover lawn care insurance

If anything goes wrong in business, they will protect you and your business.

Property coverage

Business Income, due to covered loss in business if your business is temporarily closed. This insurance will cover your lost income, and through the insurance, you can continue your business.

The property, through commercial property insurance, covers your sheds, building, office, properties.

Liability Coverage

General liability covers your unforeseen lawsuits, and claims also cover awards, settlements, and other legal things that depend on you.

Excess liability, Covers all your losses that exceed policy limits, other losses such as injured workers or an auto accident, major chemical spill or death, etc.

Professional liability, coverage of your employees without additional charges.

Types of Landscaping insurance coverage

There are many types of landscaping insurance coverage in which the best coverage you can get is;

1. Inland Marine Coverage

2. General Liability Insurance

3. Commercial Auto Coverage


4. Snowplow operations

5. Property Coverage

6. Herbicide and pesticide application Coverage

7. Umbrella Coverage

Importance of landscaping Insurance

Maybe you are a gardener, lawn care specialist, or groundskeeper; you create plans and care for the world as a landscaper. It doesn’t matter if you work indoors or outdoors; you are exposed to a particular risk. As a business owner, you have to manage a lot, or sometimes your job can be challenging. 

You have many responsibilities, caring for expensive tools to trucks and trailers and all types of equipment. If the business is large, then for sure you have employees and have to look for them. The right lawn care insurance can ensure everything you have is protected.

What does landscaping insurance cost?

General liability Cost

Many things depend on the cost of business, but the medium premium of landscaping insurance is about $50 per month or $600 per year.

It is over general liability for business owners with insurance of 60%, which pays between $500 to $ $900 per year. But if a business is a high risk, then they will pay more for this policy.

Common General liability Cost

Limits of policy determine how much the insurer will pay on a covered claim. For a single incident per occurrence, the limit is the maximum that your insurer will pay. The higher policy limits cost more and provide better coverage.

Most landscaping businesses choose general liability policies with a one million dollar per occurrence limit with two million aggregate limits.

General Liability cost

Large businesses like commercial service companies pay more for general liability than smaller businesses like landscaper designers. Your premium will also affect the building maintenance, industry risk, and location.

$1650 costs a tree service company for the annual median, while for landscape, the median is $500, which is less than 45 dollars per month.

Workers compensation insurance cost

When employees suffer a work-related injury, for example, if an employee breaks his hand while trimming a tree, they will help cover all the bills medical expenses through the policy.

The median premium is about 240 dollars per month or 3000 dollars per year. This policy mostly depends on the number of employees.

Commercial auto insurance Cost

Those companies with their vehicles, such as lawn care company pickups or tree trimming trucks, mostly purchase commercial auto insurance costs.

The median premium for landscaping businesses pays about 150 dollars per month or 1810 dollars per year. Through the commercial auto insurance policy, pay to the third party property damage and medical bills.

How does small business insurance for lawn care professionals cost

It depends on a few factors or things; the first one is the length of coverage, which determines your lawn care business’s risk. The other one is your team, how many people work with you, coverage limit, and zip code.

Small business insurance for lawn care professional cost of premium landscaping is about 40 to 50 dollars per month and 500 to 600 dollars per year if you don’t commit to a long and expensive policy.

How quickly will I get a certificate of insurance? 

Within 48 hours, they can generally fulfill most of the emails, fax, phone requests in which they recommend that you allow one to two weeks for processing.

The insurance certificate is often requested in case of a job or project which concerns liability and has the possibility of significant financial loss. In such a case, an Insurance certificate will protect both you and your partners. You or your client will request an insurance program, and they will cover certain liabilities.

Are my tools and equipment covered?

The work tools and equipment insurance cover all your tools and equipment which you transport regularly. The insurance company covers contracting and construction equipment overland transported through insurance policy about tools and equipment, their protection against stolen tools, damaged tools, and loss of tools.

This policy is designed to cover if you lose tools after you loaned them to a member, vandals get damaged, or the tools are stolen out of your truck or stolen from your job site. But there are also some tools and equipment that insurance companies’ policies will not cover.

1. Wear and tear

2. Loss of documents

3. Strikes

4. Pollution damage

5. Changes in humidity or temperature

6. Dishonesty

7. Government seizure, nuclear hazard, or War

Frequently asked questions FAQs.

  1. How much is insurance for a lawn care business?

A. The median premium for a landscaping business you have to pay about 45 dollars per month, or if you want to pay yearly, it’s about 530 dollars per year. The insurance of lawn care business policy protects property damage and clients’ injuries also with advertising injuries.

  1. Do I need insurance to start a lawn care business?

A. Yes, the business required general liability insurance for carrying. Because if you damage a customer or client’s property while mowing their lawn or sometimes an incident happened, if they accidentally cause them injury, then there is no way for you to eliminate the risk of property damage or injury on your job site.

So if you insure your lawn business, then the general liability will protect you in every legal situation. Equipment and contractor’s tool insurance is also important for protecting business tools and equipment.

  1. Is lawn care a profitable business?

A. The houses that have middle to high income want their lawn to look attractive and beautiful. But they don’t have to do it by themselves, so they hire a man for it or contact those who had lawn care businesses in which they sent their employees for it. Now the lawn care business is apparent. People earn 50000 dollars per month from the lawn care business.

  1. Can you put insurance on a lawnmower?

A. It is helpful for you to know that the lawnmower or other related equipment with lawn business is covered with your home policy insurance. These covers are best for damaging tools from storm, fire, or stolen from you. If something related to the lawn is damaged, you can call on the home policy to help and repair or replace it.

The lawnmower is likely covered by some form of insurance that you hold, but you can go for those policies, especially for lawnmowers, if you want extra insurance.

  1. Does my homeowner’s insurance cover my tractor?

A. The homeowner’s insurance covers your tractor as long as it’s your property or used for your farm or other home maintenance. Once you drive the tractor off from your property, then it becomes out of homeowners insurance policy. Some additional insurance also covers your tractor when transported with an attached trailer to the vehicle.

  1. Our riding lawn mowers covered under homeowners insurance?

A. This question is helpful for those who had a lawnmower or other expensive lawn equipment. Yes, the riding lawn mower is covered with a homeowners insurance policy, as long as you use it for your home service. They also covered the contents of a home or other outbuildings or garage contents you have on the property.

  1. How do I service my riding lawn mower?

A. The riding lawn mower makes yard work easy with intuitive design and easy maneuverability. To keep the riding lawn mower clean and tip-top for every season regular maintenance, there are some essential tips which we mentioned here:

1. After work, clean the riding lawnmower.

2. Lubricate the parts of the riding lawnmower.

3. Change their air filter.

4. Replace the spark plug once a year.

5. Check the belts of the riding mower.

6. Change oil regularly.

  1. How much should I charge to mow lawns?

A. Most of the companies charge hourly, which depends on your property’s size, but the average price for a mowed lawn is between $30 and $80. For more services such as leaf blowing, edging, or cleanup, they charge more fees. Sometimes they charge per acre, which is 180 dollars for a one-acre area.

  1. Do I have to pay taxes for mowing lawns?

A. Such as designing, babysitting, and mowing lawns for teenagers. Through these, they are making money as self-employment. So the mowing lawn is not taxable, but according to the IRS, you must pay tax because they are required to file a tax return if your earnings exceed $400.

  1. Do I need insurance to cut grass?

A. All lawn care and landscaping businesses buy general liability insurance to protect against the client’s property damage and injuries. And when the company is insured, then all damages of property and injuries expenses will be covered by the insurance program.

  1. Is lawn mowing profitable?

A. There is not much profit in lawn mowing, but if you are an expert, then go for it, perfect for you because many people earn money in mowing, but the lawn mowing business is not much for a beginner profitable. The experts know how to control the fuel, equipment, and employees, while for newbies, they destroy profit.

  1. Are landscapers insured?

A. The liability insurance for landscapers helps the small empower business owners to do their job what they want to do and for what they trained.


So for lawn care businesses, general liability insurance is important for you and your business protection. Insurance is necessary for the lawn care business. All companies need business insurance which covers the cost of damaging property and injuries. Without an insurance business, the owner will cover and pay from their pocket for all the costly damages. So for any business, we recommend general liability insurance. But before purchasing business insurance, checking their policies are very important because it changes over time.  Learn the facts with lawn clippings.