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How to Start a Briggs and Stratton Lawn mower?

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how to start a briggs and stratton lawnmower

So many companies use Briggs and Stratton engines in their lawnmower production. Briggs and Stratton engines are well known for consistent starts and hassle-free service. When you purchase lawnmowers from Troy-Bilt, Toro, John Deere Poulan, or Craftsman, you may be with the Briggs and Stratton engines. This article will lead you to the most straightforward solutions on how to start a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower.

Every machine needs to be started before using it. It is also applicable for lawnmower as it has a machine too. So, you need to start your lawnmower to use it through a system.

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The starting system of lawnmower of the Briggs and Stratton is practical and straightforward, which is perfect for a basic mower, used to tend for small to moderate size lawn. However, for this, it is required some physical effort, persons with the strength that is preferable for an engine with electric start.


From the time when the pull-start engine relays on starting power that is generated by the physical control of the operator, the Smooth Start system requires the least effort from the operator. So, the person who has limited strength can start this lawnmower quickly every time as well. 

How to Start a Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower?

The surprise is below for you, for which you are reading this article. Let’s go for the said issue. To begin the lawnmower, push slowly the primer bulb three times to deliver a suitable quantity of fuel to the carburetor. It is ready to start. Now pull to start. Since Briggs and Stratton produces engines for both riding and push lawnmowers, we will cover both of them.

Find the Smooth Start system by Briggs & Stratton in this video:

Starting a Riding Mower:


First, you have to sit on the seat of the mower. Most of the riding mowers are with emergency control that stops the engine if the seat is empty.


Depress the clutch and the pedal of the brake and engage the parking brake to neutralize it.


Detached the blade lever and set the throttle fast and move it to the full choke position. 


Use the key into the keyhole and turn it to crank the engine. Loosen the key soon when the engine starts and keep the choke in off position.

Starting a Push Lawn Mower:


First of all, you need to check your manual of the mower which was given to you when you get delivered it and be sure what type of ignition system the mower has. If it is a Smooth Start or Prime ‘N Pull system, you have to prime a cold engine.


Secondly, you have to locate the priming bulb. It is on the side of the engine, covered with a rubber cap. You pump it three times. After every pump, we need to allow fuel to enter into the carburetor to deliver a suitable quantity of ammunition.


Thirdly, you have to press the handle lever to free the brake of the engine. The handle of the starter cord and pull it quickly. The engine should start in a first-time pull, but if it does not start, pull it again and again. If the engine doesn’t start within five times pull, and you get the smell of gas, let the engine rest for ten minutes. The carburetor may be flooded, and it needs drainage.


Start the mower by turning the key to the start position with the help of the Ready Start Electric ignition system. No priming is needed here. Let the key loose and connect the throttle swiftly when the engine starts.

In conclusion, I hope you got the spirit of using lawnmower for your lawn and garden to make these more beautiful. The information regarding how to start a lawnmower Briggs & Stratton will help you start lawnmowers with engines from many other producers too. Find the best tillers for garden here.