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How to Refill or Replace Trimmer Line?

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How to refill/replace trimmer line

You will need nothing but some proper tools that will not only make it easy to trim down grass but also you can get rid of excess length. A string trimmer does help you get the job done but if you want to ensure uninterrupted service, then a trimmer line is a must. And if you don’t know what trimmer line is? then go through the write! we have highlighted all the necessary information on how to refill or replace trimmer line.

Trimmer line


A trimmer line has been specially designed to cut through the overgrown hedges, grass and other vegetation in your lawn. Pairing the trimmer line with a string trimmer makes the tool called weed eater, weed whip or whipper snipper.

When the time comes to trim the grass bordering your lawn, the trimmer line comes handy. It is a tool used by several homeowners and gardeners.

The line is not engineered for multiple uses, so you will need to replace it after a couple of uses.

Different names:

  • Strimmer line
  • Weedeater line
  • Weedeater string
  • Weedwhacker line.

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Types of trimmer lines and reasons to use:

Multi-Sided Trimmer Line

  • Great for the vast lawn.
  • Ideal for trimming thick weeds.
  • Commercial use.
  • It can be sub-divided into the pentagon, star and square-shaped trimmer lines.

Round Trimmer Line

  • Don’t break easily after coming in contact with tree or concrete.
  • Ideal for trimming overgrown vegetation.
  • Trimming hard-to-reach plant edges that border the lawn.
  • It comes with the basic shape.
  • It does not wear out fast, hence durable.

Serrated Trimmer Line

  • Ideal for thick grass removal.
  • Clean and neat trimming results.
  • Shape acting like teeth is great for trimming overgrown vegetation.
  • Efficient cutting abilities.
  • Great for big yards.
  • Suitable for medium to heavy trimming tasks.

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Twisted Trimmer Line

  • For commercial use.
  • Ideal for clearing out larger lawns with overgrown and thick weeds.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Even cuts.
  • It does not break when hits concrete or tree.

Square Trimmer Line

  • Thicker and larger coming in square-shaped.
  • Easy to cut through thick grass.
  • Able to clear off tall grass or plants.
  • Ideal for bigger lawns.

How to refill the trimmer line:

No matter if you are an expert or just an ordinary lawn owner, one of the most common problems you have with the string trimmer is having to refill the trimmer line. But if you get a simple guideline to follow, this major pain can be shooed away in a second.

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And seeing your worries, we have thought to provide you with such guidelines so that we can push the level of convenience and your confidence.

All you just need to do is to follow the steps given below on how to refill trimmer line:

In general, the refill/replacement of trimmer line includes the following process:

Step 1: Unlocking bottom cap


At first, you need to unlock the bottom cap by pinching the slotted area on both sides of the spool housing.

Step 2: Removing the spool

Remove the spool and pull the old line off. Have the new one folded so that one-half line gets 4.7inches shorter than the other half.

After that, there will be a bent end that you will need to hook it into the spool slot.

Step 3: Setting in the correct direction

Set up the line in an appropriate direction just like the way it is indicated on the spool.

Step 4: Hooking each end correctly

Have each line ends hooked in the slot on the spool edge. After that, you have to put each end through the eyelets on the housing.

Check if all the springs and washers are in the right places.

Step 5: Releasing ends from the slot

Pull on the ends of the line to release them from the slot while you hold the spool against the housing.

Step 6:Lining up the slot

With the hook on the housing, you need to line the slot up on the bottom cap.

After that, have the cap pressed against the housing until it gets clicked.

That’s it! This is how you refill the trimmer line. It’s quick and easy.

Make sure that you read the instruction manual provided with the tool so that you get to understand more.

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Things used on the steps:

  • String trimmer
  • Trimmer line

Safety Tips:

Before you repair or service any power tool, you are recommended to disconnect the battery cable or spark plug.

Also, it is important that you wear proper safety gear such as gloves and glasses so that you can protect yourself from harmful debris and chemicals. Hedge trimmer safety tips are available here.

How to replace trimmer line black and decker

When you have a black and decker string trimmer, it’s obvious that you will be required to change the trimmer line. This is such a part that does not last long. Replacing the trimmer line is not a very difficult job if you have a simple guideline.

And even if you don’t, then now you will have it once you go through the steps we have provided below.

Step 1: Take out the old spool

  • After turning off the power of your Black and Decker trimmer, replace the line safely on the tool.
  • Set the trimmer on a chair or table. You can set it on top of the either so you do not have to bend over constantly for working with it.
  • Pick a desk that goes along with your waist so that you can replace the parts easily.

Step 2: Remove the cap from the head

  • Take out the cap that covers your line from the head of the Black and Decker trimmer. Press in the tabs which are located on both the cap sides with your fingers.
  • After that, lift up on the cap for taking it out. And then, expose the spool beneath.

Step 3: Pull the spool

  • Turn your cap over to expose the spool and the line.
  • You will get two eyelets on the sides of your cap that will help in holding the line in place.
  • Have the trimmer line pulled free from the cap holes.
  • After that, grab on to the spool and waggle it free from the cap carefully.

Step 4: Take out the old line

  • Lift the line from the eyelets holding in in place and then pull the line end out to remove the line.
  • Repeat the steps for the other side of the spool for removing all the old lines.

Step 5: Replace old lines

  • Thread the new line into the holes on the spool.
  • Make sure that you get a 2mm diameter round monofilament line.
  • Wind the line surrounding the spool and follow the arrows on the latter.
  • Feed the line across the hole and start wrapping the line around the spool.
  • Make sure that you wrap the spool in such that the line is not wrapped over it but next to it.

Step 6: Secure the line and cut the thread

  • Have the line secured to the spool and then cut it.
  • Once you have wrapped the line around the spool, allowing for a 6-inch slack on the line end.
  • Then, with gardening shears, cut the thread.
  • After that, put the excess line across the eyelets on the spool for holding the eyelets in place.

Step 7: Repeat to wind up

  • Have the other side of the spool threaded and winded
  • Repeat the steps to wind up.
  • Make sure that you secure the other trimmer line on the spool.
  • While winding up the line, follow the arrows again.

How to replace trimmer line Ryobi

Ryobi is a kind of brand that provides you with different types of string trimmer in terms of power source, designs, and other features. Not only that, each design especially when it comes to variations of trimmer heads lets you install the trimmer line differently.

For this, we have thought to help you out so you get to know how to replace the trimmer line in the Ryobi string trimmer depending on the head.

Things you will need:

  • 0.095-inch diameter monofilament trimmer line
  • Utility knife or scissors

Ryobi Trimmer with Reel Easy String Head

Step 1: Power off the engine

Make sure that you turn off the engine of the Ryobi string trimmer. Disconnect the spark plug wire and disable the device. If it’s battery-powered, then switch it off and remove the batteries.

Step 2: Cut the line

With scissors or utility lines, cut a 25 feet long piece of monofilament trimmer line that measures 0.095-inch-diameter from a roll.

Step 3: Rotate the knob

Until the arrow on the knob lines up with the arrow on the head, keep rotating the knob on top of the head. Feed the trimmer line across the hole on the side of the head.

After that, pull the line from the other side till you have the trimmer line of 2 equal lengths.

Step 4: Wind the knob

Keep winding the knob till 8 inches of the string is left of both sides of the head. If the Ryobi trimmer comprises of the curved shaft, you need you to wind it counterclockwise.

And if the trimmer has a brush cutter or straight shaft, then wind it clockwise.

Ryobi Trimmer with Pro Cut II String Head

Step 1: Power off the engine

Repeat the step from the first step mentioned above.

Step 2: Cut the line

Cut two 11 inches long trimmer strings from a roll. You can use a 0.095-inch diameter monofilament trimmer line.

Step 3: Feed string into the holes

Feed the end of one 11-inch long string into one hole on the side of the trimmer head. After that, have the string pushed through until an inch of string juts from the top of the head. Take out the old string coming out of the hole while feeding in the new Ryobi string. After that, feed the other 11-inch long string into the hole located on the other side of the head. Repeat the entire process that was given for the first length of string feeding.

Last Lines

Replacing the trimmer line is necessary. It takes little effort and time to refill if the process is maintained properly. We believe this article is going to help you regarding How to Refill or Replace Trimmer Line