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How to Level a Large Yard Step-by-Step

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We need and love to level yards for various reasons. Homeowners level their land to make swimming pools, driveways, doorways, etc. Some people level their yards to plant grass seeds, flowers, and vegetables, and so on. Whatever may the reasons are, the method of leveling is the same. However, this article will explain to you how to level a large yard step-by-step.

How to Level a Large Yard

Why the yard becomes uneven?

There are some of the main reasons mentioned here for causing the ground uneven. The reasons are as below for your understanding.


Animals like dogs, cats, etc. can cause your yard uneven if they play on it. In the rainy season, if you let those animals play in the yard, they will give pressure by jumping on it. It causes for low spots in the yard. To keep your yard smooth and good-looking, you have to leave off the animals from your yard.


If your ground is moisturized and you allow kids to play on it, your yard will become uneven. The kids place a lot of pressure on the ground when they play on the soft soil. As a result, your yard starts losing its health.

Earth Worms:

Earth Worms are the insects that are the significant pain while preparing the ground. These worms can shift the soil 20 to 25 tons per ac yearly. This is how your yard becomes a low and high spot. To get relief from this problem, we need to keep the pH level low off the soil.


Water takes place for an extended period on the ground during the winter season and damages both grass and earth. To keep your yard in good condition, you have to make a drainage system on there.

Soil Settlement:

In some cases, things like rocks, piping, debris, etc. arise under the soil, which affects the work of art of the ground. To resolve the problems, we need to dig the affected area to break the debris under the soil.

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Importance of Leveling Your Yard


A yard with a smooth and level surface is very significant because this will provide more safety as well as a useable surface to walk or play. It is also suitable to execute many actions for you, adults, and children. Besides, each and every homeowner is supposed to know that it is easier to keep your yard healthy.
The other benefit of keeping your yard level is a proper drainage system. A smooth surface of the yard can prevent the rainwater as well as irrigation water gathering in low spots or holes. These will create the risks of your yard.

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Preparing to Level the Yard

Say, your yard is uneven with too many holes and dips, there need to take actions regarding the issue. You have to check the yard in advance thoroughly to measure how much area needs to be leveled. Besides this, you also have to check the drainage problem and water pipe problem. Both the problem (drainage problem and the damaged water pipe problem) can cause for creating uneven yard.

How to Level a Large Yard?

mong many techniques, here are three for you to level your gloominess and uneven yard. To get the perfect results, it will depend upon the cruelty of the areas. Three general techniques are here; you can try.

A Lightly Uneven Large Yard:

The most straightforward and slightest persistent way is topdressing for the gently uneven areas. In this circumstance, you have to do the following steps:
Step-1: You have to create a mixture of compost, sand, and mud into a pot.
Step-2: Put forward the mixture on the lawn with 0.5 inches high on the low areas. The process should be applied gradually, and the grasses should not be removed from the critical areas.
Step-3: To spread out of the mixture properly, exploit a rake on the soil.
Step-4: Apply a push broom tool so that the soil mixture can work in between the blades of the grasses.
Step-5: Follow the development of the lawn awaiting only grass is there, no dirt on the surface.

A Moderately Uneven Large Yard:

The technique of the topdressing process, which is mentioned above, can take time to work for several days or weeks. Moreover, this technique may not be successful if there are some more low spots on the ground. In these circumstances, you have to put mud under the layer instead of the sod for the best result. Follow the below steps how this technique works:
Step-1: You have to remove the layer of the grass from the low areas.
Step-2: Fill up the holes to the low areas with topsoil to make the areas smooth as you have already altered the sod.
Step-3: Put water on the bottom when filling the holes with topsoil to get rid of air
Step-4: The final step is to alter the sod and water to the grasses.

A Heavily Uneven Large Yard:

Finally, this will show you the way to handle the foremost extreme case of the uneven yard. If the uneven spaces are frequent and significant, it makes it impossible to unravel the problem with both the process above. In this circumstance, you must do a more widespread reformation by reorganizing the surface and creating a brand new layer of grass.
Fundamentally, there are two simple alternatives to choose from the below:
Option-1: Grow the grass from seeds.
Option-2: Lay the sod.
Both alternatives are relatively simple to try and do on your own for several hours. After you have got established the surface, it’s essential to take care of grass frequently and correctly to increase the existence.

Things You Will Need

Although you will start working by your hands, you will require some tools to complete the task. Some tools are below among them.

  • Hand metal rake.
  • Wheelbarrow.
  • Topsoil.
  • Plastic pots.
  • Lawn roller.

For digging soil easy, spray water to the area in the previous day. You should not overwater the area as the wet soil will be harder to work with than the dry yard.

Preventive Measures

Preventive measures for lawn leveling

As you are leveling your lawn and forming a level surface, you need to take some precautionary measures to save you and your yard.

  • Stay away from walking on the lawn when the lawn is very wet.
  • Always wear closed-toes shoes to avoid hurting yourself.
  • Try to use the tools that perform well
  • Try to use tools that you can operate
  • If necessary, take outsourced service
  • Plan long before you actually implement

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Last line

Leveling large yard requires significant time, planning, and definitely budget. Before implementing this gigantic task, try to make an extensive plan and budget. Make sure that you have considered all aspects and justified the expenditures. Here some issues have been discussed on how to level a large yard. We believe you will find leveling large yards easy.