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How to Fix Water Drainage Problems in Yard

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Are you unhappy about your yard or lawn whenever it rains? Consider a possible solution of drainage issues to your yard or lawn. in this article, we will explain, “How to Fix Water Drainage Problems in Yard?”

How to Fix Water Drainage Problems in Yard

Why is Proper Water Drainage Important?

Proper drainage plan is a critical part of any landscape design. There should be included in the list which is as follows:

  • A catch basin.
  • Small and large diameter pipes.
  • French drain.
  • Sump pump.
  • Gravel and headwalls etc.

For a healthy lawn or a yard, water is obviously needed. In this circumstance, you have to know how to distribute water to your lawn or yard’s surface properly.  Tired of the muddy yard? Use pine flakes.

How to Fix Water Drainage Problems in Yard

We will now explain below about most common problems of water drainage and how to fix them properly.

01. Inadequate Elevation at the Foundation:

A most well-known or traditional drainage problem is the low elevation at the foundation. We can see it when water is held at the home foundation.


When the interior of the house is finished with wood, such as drywall or floor. It can cause a foundation miscarriage. This issue can be possible to avoid during the house’s construction by enriching the house slab with a proper slope away from home.

Solution: Be ensured about grading around home first. Create another place to get into the water far away from home. Another option is to install a sub-surface drain system included with pipes and catch basin. These will help to hold up water from the home foundation.

02. Designing Plant Bed:

Before installing plants in the bed, you have to make a layout of the plant’s foundation in your lawn or yard to prevent another drainage problem.

The wrong design of the bed can be liable for blocking the natural flow of the water. It is reasonable to keep water on the bed of the yard. Results, it kills your plants, and cause for other damages.

Solution: To move water to the downwards from the yard, you have to calculate for creating the ground’s slope level properly. 

03. Water Traps:

Improper grading creates unhappiness for you by holding water in your lawn. This excess water on the yard kills plants or grass. If this condition runs forward, the areas will turn into marshy.

Solution: By installing a creek bed, you can arrange a better place for water, allowing stormwater to go away from the yard surface. The creeks of the ground can give some additional values in this regard. In where there is no option for moving water from the lawn or yard except using gravity, you can apply a mechanical alternative. You may opt for a sump pump to remove standing water from the ground.

04. Paved Surface:

Besides applying proper grading on the yard, a large surface can also play a significant role in preventing drainage issues. You have to be ensured about your concrete lawn or yard’s proper slope, such as a driveway, walkways, pool deck, etc.

Solution: You have to install retaining walls, although you have applied the grading system properly in your yard.

05. Gutter Spouts:

Another drainage issue arises if the gutter downspout exit is not appropriately addressed. It will create problems when the gutter is draining water into the bed, cause for the soaking plant, and water dumps on the large surface.

Solution: You have to look at, from where the gutter is seating down water, also sending water to the downwards. The gutter collects water and let the water away from the foundation.

06. Dry Well:

The Dry Well is a drainage solution that captures excess water. A dry well is a hole, made with a plastic tank, and filled it with gravels. This method is used when heavy rainfall or flood occurs. 

07. French Drain:

The most common solution to the water drainage system is a French drain. A perforated pipe is installed in the digging soil on the ground, covered with fabric filter. Gravels are laid surrounding the coated tube.

08. Rain Garden:

If your yard is wet, water has a habit of the pond, grass does not grow, then rain garden is the answer to your yard problem. Rain garden adds value to the wet trouble spots. You have to fill your garden with native and water-loving plants because they increase in the wet condition.