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Hedge Trimmer Safety Tips

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Hedge Trimmer Safety Tips

Although hedge trimmer helps a lot in trimming your hedge and keeping it in shape, it is also quite risky to use when you are not careful. Proper hedge trimmer safety tips will help you out.

Hence, you must keep a lot of things in mind so that you can keep yourself safe and use the trimmer preventing yourself from potential accidents.

Hedge Trimmer Safety Tips

If you wish to know how to keep yourself safe, go through some tips provided below:

Read Instructions

You must read the instruction manual that comes with every hedge trimmer. Make sure you thoroughly understand before operating the tool. It is wise to follow all the instructions that come with the product. sometimes, very small issues may cause you to suffer a lot. Never overlook any safety measures provided by the producers.

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Use proper extension cord

Make sure that you use an appropriate extension cord with a sufficient wire thickness. Check if the cord possesses enough allowance to help you get the job done with sufficient movement.


Also, you need to away keep extension cord behind while keeping the tool at the front to avoid accidents.

Wear proper clothes

Make sure that the clothes you wear are tight-fitting and resilient. Check if the clothes you picked provide enough protection.

Also, ensure that the clothes do not rip due to branches during operation.

As for the shoes, always wear sturdy pair with no slipcover to protect your feet.

Never use it when it’s monsoon

You are surely prohibited to use the trimmer in rainy or damp weather. It amplifies the chance of electric shock that can cause accident. Not only that, it can also destroy the tool itself.

Inspect for damaged parts

Make sure that you examine the trimmer frequently to check if it has any signs of broken or damaged parts. If you notice one, then repair it right away or replace with original parts.

Wear safety gears

Make sure that you wear safety goggles that can help in protecting your eyes from debris and other dust particles.

Also wear a dust mask that will keep you from inhalation of fumes and dust.

Wear gloves to protect your hands. They will also give your hands a better grip.

Ensure the trimmer is turned off

Make sure that the trimmer is either unplugged or turned off while carrying the trimmer. Never keep your hand on the switch when it is not in use to avoid accidental startup.

Also, when you are planning to perform routine maintenance and cleanup of tool or the blade, have the trimmer turned off.

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Never use with one hand

You are highly requested to always hold the tool firmly with both of your hands for operating it. The tool exerts a lot of force when it is in use. So, you can be at risk of losing your grip if you use one hand to operate it.

Don’t force the tool

Never force the tool when it comes across tough twigs or thick branches. It can cause rebound issues. In such case, let go of the tool to protect yourself and turn it off.

Store in a safe place

Make sure that you don’t leave the tool in an unsecured place where kids can have access to it. Keep it in a clean, dry, and also secured place.

Wrap up

Any tool requires some precautionary measures to be taken before, during, and even after application. Hedge trimmer safety tips are very crucial to know and follow for safe, comfortable, and perfect use.