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French Drain Distance From House

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Each and everything of nature goes forward under the different rules; French drain distance from the house is not an exception from others also. The French Drain system is a very sustainable way to run away water from the yard, but it is more important to install it correctly out of the home. Here, we will describe the French Drain distance from the house, let’s discuss it, and move forward to find out the solution.

French Drain Distance From House

If you face a wet lawn or basement in your property, you must emphasize installing a French drain. It will be treated as a smart investment to keep your yard or basement dried.

Now, a question arises that what distance a French drain should be from the house? This article will guide you to find a complete and the best French drain distance of installing it from house.

Let’s continue to know about it below.

What Is a French Drain?

A French Drain is a channel or drain which passes away water from the lawn surface or ground from a specific part of your property. The channel or drain usually fills with some goods like the perforated plastic pipe, gravels or rocks, filter cloths, etc. This drain helps the unwanted water travel through the perforated pipe and ensures you safely from home.

Installation Distance of French Drain

The experts recommend that the French drain should be 2-5 feet away from the foundation.

How Close Should A French Drain Be Installed To The House?

According to the French Drain experts, a suitable method is to put in a French drain 3 feet far away from the bottom of the house. In this aspect, ensure measurement all over the place of the veranda, yard, and the surface level,

How Far From Foundation to Place French Drain?

Approximately 3 – 4 feet is the standard gap from the foundation for installing a French drain.

Find Out the Accurate Distance

To get the correct distance to put in a French drain is 3 feet distant from the house, usually most homes. Apply to measure with tape and find the distance from the bottom of the ground where water pools. If space is too off from the base, the French drain will not gather the entire water. But if the distance is much close to the substance, it will damage your lawn or ground.

Distance Measurement


It will be wise to measure twice then cut once. Start measuring from the foundation base of your house. Measure out 3 feet, at least from the foundation. Mark the point with the spray paint from where the French drain will start at your property.

Drain Lines Installing

To install a French drain, we require to dig the soil. For this, you need a shovel to work with. For drilling the extended distance, you can rent an instrument or take extra bits of help from your friends. You can invite him for the said purpose.

Sloping the Drain

This drain aims to pass out the water through the drain, so it should be sloped 1% downward to do the said task. Be careful; if you install your drain line ‘flat,’ you will be in a more significant problem because water pools inside the pipe, then flood will occur.

How to Know If You Need A French Drain?

You will feel that you need a French drain on your lawn when you have experienced the water is an issue at your house. 

You have to go ahead for installing a French drain considering the following signs:

01. If you are experiencing that, water is going into the basement in your house.

02. When you will feel that outside water of your house is an issue.

03. When you want to build a retaining wall on the hillside.

A French drain solves the water issue passing the water to the lower areas, the street, the channel or drain, the dry well, or any other places.

French Drain Depth for Basement

Let’s face it! There is nothing accurate measurement of a French drain. However, it is most popular, as it collects excess water and redirects it to the downward in a specific area in your property, which space cannot cause more damage. We have to pay attention to some issues like best location, digging path across the slope, drain aggregate, pipe length, drain flow, drain depth, etc. However, in this section of the article, we will describe “French Drain Depth for Basement.”

Are goods in your basement getting a bit wet? Wherever the water at your basement is, the landscape of the lawn where this issue can cause water pools and stormwater. In this situation, a French drain can give you the best solution for that trouble by moving the waterway as per your desired area.

The best way of keeping your basement dried up is Frenchdrain than plugging anything like sealing, coating, etc. A French drain can capable of preventing water from the pressure of the place under the soil.

You can install a French drain inside or outside your foundation that will keep your basement dry, and it will give you a long time service without any maintenance or replacement. A note is for you is, a French drain is familiar as “Drain Tile” also.

General Thought

It is well known at all the human beings that Earth’s surface is under the coverage with about 70% of water. Similarly, the human body contains about 60% water. Water is essential, but you sometimes hate water in some particular aspects.

In most areas of the East Coast, the rainy season lasts for a couple of months every year. It requires experiencing taking the highest record of raining in Washington.

It will not be more difficult if all these raindrops run away in a proper systematic way like by using gutters, creeks, rivers, bays, and the sea. Instead of these, the water finds its way into the garages and the basements.

Depth Recommended

The problem you are going to solve is a water problem. It will help to determine you about the depth of a French drain for the basement. If you discuss water supply above the surface of your property, a shallow trough is an answer. If you are trying to prevent water from stopping in your basement, you need to go for the deep French drain. It will reach the foot level.

The minimum depth for the French drain is usually 18 inches to 24 inches. This depth is a problem because it captures most of the water. To protect your foundation from the water or keep water from getting into your basement, you need to decide to install your pipe deep enough to overcome your target. For a slab foundation established, you have to place a tube at the slab’s bottom about 2 feet. For the basement issue, install a French drain about 6 feet deeper or more. It depends on the depth of your basement.

Final Thoughts

The French drain is very much widespread to the people. The benefits of the French drain encourage people to install it as per their desire. We are sure you have learned about the French drain and will apply it to your property.

French Drain distance from house is an integral part of installing a French drain in your property. It can help you keep your lawn or home dry if you install it very carefully and correctly. It will undoubtedly be a smart investment in your belongings.

We hope you have learned more from this article, and you will experience in your project to get the best results.