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7 best Lawn games for weddings you need to know

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The 7 best lawn games for weddings are a great way to keep your guests entertained at weddings! They’re fun, interactive, and add some variety to the event.

A wedding is a perfect occasion to bring people together, and what better way to get everyone mingling than with a game of lawn games? Of course, there are many different types of lawn games out there, but we’ve compiled a list of 7 that you should consider adding to your lineup. 

What’s more, these games can be played by all ages! So whether you’re looking for something fun or competitive, the following list will have something for everyone. But, first, let’s dive into our top 7 picks:

List of 7 best lawn games for weddings

Weddings are a time for celebration, so it is essential to enjoy your guests and have some fun. One way you can do this is by playing lawn games with them. There are many different types of games you can play that will keep people entertained and help make the event more memorable. Here are 7 of our favorites!


This game is similar to “corn toss,” but with two boards instead of one. It can be played by a single person or as an individualized head-to-head contest. You will need at least four people for the game to work well on your lawn. 

The setup includes placing ten bags (or beanbags) in a line and tossing them inside each board until they are all gone. Points are awarded based on how close you get to the middle hole on either side of the board—five points if it lands precisely in the center hole, three points if it hits any other part of that particular hole, and no issues if it does not enter into that specific hole at all. Whoever has the most points when all of the bags are gone wins.

Grandma’s Knitting


Grandma’s Knitting is a game for two players that have to get their yarn ball over to their opponent’s side before they can throw theirs back to them. Players will need one set of knitting needles and some wool or string at hand to play this game. 

The first player pulls out an amount of string equal length to the width between both boards (the same distance each person stands from). After that, players will wind it around on themselves so that either strand cannot touch them until they toss their partner’s side with one end and catch it again behind themselves on the other board without dropping any part along the way. If successful, your opponent has to do the same thing, and if they touch themselves by any strand of string during their toss or catch, it counts as a point.

This game is best played in teams – two players per team – because you’ll need a team member to get the other person’s string back on their side.

Seal Jump:

The 3rd game you can play on the lawn at your wedding is called “Seal Jumper.” This game is for two teams of equal size, and the goal is to get your team’s seal to jump from one end of the board, cross an imaginary line in the center, then back again while still touching it with their nose or chin times. 

The first player on each team takes a turn jumping their seal across that centreline (and back) before passing the baton over to the next teammate. Once everyone had taken a turn, there are bonus points awarded based on how many seals jumped successfully – if both made it count as 25 points; just one make-it counts as 15 points, etc.). Whoever reaches 500 points first wins!

Guess how many stars:

The other game you can play on your wedding lawn is called “guess how many stars.” It is a game that you can play with the whole family and has to do with counting. This game starts by gathering all of your guests into one big circle, then someone (usually the bride) will place five or six small items on top of each other in front of her. The person guessing how many objects there are under this pile then needs.

For example, if they guess correctly, she’ll take them off from the pile and put them back together again while everyone else keeps their eyes closed. She’s going to keep doing this until all different objects have been placed on top of each other in order – when people open their eyes at the last minute, they should be able to reverse count themselves down just by looking at the pile.

Once everyone guessed, you can play with a new set of objects on top of each other in front of her or try another game-like.

The Ring Toss: 

It would be best if you had a variety of rings (dowels) and two stakes for this game—one on each side of the playing area. Place a one stake at each end of the playing area and set out a line or row of dowels with about 2 feet between them, so there is plenty of room for people to toss their ring over them as well. Have players take turns tossing a ring onto one of the stakes, then score points based on how many rings they managed to get past both stakes. For example, if someone manages to get all the rings past both stakes, they get a score of 50.

The Ring Toss is for three or more players and can be played as singles or doubles with two teams facing off against each other. Players take turns tossing one ring onto the stake until all are gone. The player/team that ends up with the most rings wins!


The other game that you can play at the wedding is a game called “Horseshoes.” It is a great way to break the ice and help people get to know each other better.

In this game, you can play with two teams of players or as doubles, where two team members take turns trying to toss their horseshoe around one stake into another to score points. The stakes are designated by hay bales that have been set up on either side of the playing area (one for singles, which should be about 20 feet apart; three for a double play).

The object of this game is simple: Get your horseshoes closer than anyone else’s!

If you’re lucky enough to land yours close enough, so it’s touching theirs, then they’ll move back to a distance of about 12 feet. That means you’ll get closer to the stake and try to keep moving towards it to score points.


One of the simplest lawn games for weddings is a toss – all you need are two people per team who each hold one end of a scarf (or other long objects). The players on opposite ends then take turns trying to throw this over their opponent’s head without letting go of their edge. If successful, they can pull that person towards them while keeping possession by pulling back from where they threw the scarf. Whoever gets pulled into place loses points – whoever reaches 100 first wins this simple yet effective outdoor wedding game!


7 Best Lawn Games for Wedding Day Fun! Weddings are already an exciting time, but if you want to up the excitement level even more, consider adding some of these games on your big day. We’ve compiled a list of seven games that will help make your wedding guests feel like they’re at a backyard barbecue or tailgate party instead of just sitting around waiting for dinner to be served. So grab those red solo cups, and let’s get these festivities started with our top choices in lawn game fun! So which one is going to work best for your special day? Learn how to clean the patio like a pro.