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7 Lawn Care Tips for Summer

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7 Lawn Care Tips for Summer

Do you feel jealous when the neighbor’s lawn is full of green grasses? Don’t be worried. This summer, you could have your desired said garden, which will turn everybody’s eyes green with jealousy and respect. Determine to get it right now and follow the 7 lawn care tips for summer step by step to have the best lawn of your life.

7 Lawn Care Tips for Summer

Summer comes with heat and power to the environment. Your grass, plants and ultimately soil are in hot mood. Here are 7 Lawn Care Tips for Summer to cope up with the summer season.

Lawn Care Before Summer:

Lawn cares before summer will make the task easy during summer. The following issues to be addressed before the arrival of summer.

Tip # 01: Aerating:

Before the summer season, you have to check your lawn carefully and have to take notes if you have seen anything like spots, brown areas, etc. If you notice anything of those, you have to take action swiftly to identify the disease so that you can start treatment of it. If the whole lawn is crushed somehow since the winter climate, arrange to do aerating soon.

By aerating your lawn, the soil will be at relaxation. As a result, the small holes of the soil in the lawn will keep the soil loosen with longevity. Therefore, the soil can absorb the better amount of water and nutrients. Aerating helps in increasing the roots of the grass’s growth of your lawn. When grasses grow more, your lawn will be with green grasses.

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In summer, it is time for fungal diseases like brown patch and related others. If infected any, apply a fungicide. During this time, abstain from watering on loan at the late of the day.

Tip # 02: Raking:

Raking is an essential act for lawn care. Raking helps not only for cleaning fallen leaves but also helps to clean dead blades of the grasses. You have to rake every dead spot and seed again on the required areas with the variety of grass seeds matching with the rest grasses of your lawn.

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Tip # 03: Fertilizing:

Before the summer period, you have to apply fertilizer with the motion of slow-releasee for feeding the grasses over the weeks. Fertilize wherever it’s needed. Make sure before fertilizing, it’s not a rainy or windy day, or the no rain will forecast immediately. Use fertilizer accordingly. When you are fertilizing to your lawn, the soil is getting nutrients from it. But over-fertilizing can cause the burn of your lawn.

Lawn Care During Summer:

During the summer, take the following caring steps of your lawn to keep it safe and smiling!

Tip # 04: Watering:

Warm and dry weather is a cause for removing the moisture of the soil, but it needs moisture. The shortage of humidity harasses the plant’s roots to grow, cause for brown leaves and the grasses leave blades as well.
On the other hand, grasses suffer from pests and weeds due to the less moisture of the soil. Among all the ways of lawn care, the best approach is to give water on the lawn profoundly and rarely. This is wise to water once or twice a week.

However, you have to water your lawn heavily. Watering will help to support the roots of the grasses healthy. The best time of watering into the garden is before sunrise with one inch moisture. Make sure that every section of the lawn gets a sufficient amount of water. Watering in the evening may cause the growth of fungal debases as the grasses left wet overnight. Water will help to make your lawn moisture. So, get water to your lawn deeply and profoundly.

Remember; don’t water on the lawn during a rainy day. If there is a possibility of rain soon, water it, not as much. If your yard has enough moisture, don’t water it.
You must abstain from overwatering in your lawn.

Tip # 05: Mowing:

The lawnmower is vital to taking care of your lawn. During the summer season, you have to cut the grasses carefully in your garden.

In this time, cut your grasses with high length and regularly maintain the mowing of your lawn. It will help the greens quickly get nutrients naturally. Long grasses give shade to the soil. As a result, the seeds of weeds can’t grow readily on the land. Keeping long grasses also ensure to keep the soil moisturized.

You must use sharp blades when mowing. Dull blades of the mower are harmful to the grasses. It causes damages to grasses’ edges. Sharp blades save the greens from stress. In each mowing, make sure the height of the leaves is ready to cut properly.

Lawn Care After Summer:

Tip # 06: Control Weeds:

Controlling weeds is a very much essential task for the lawn caring during summer. Before the blooming of the weeds, they should be away from the park. For killing weeds, we may use a product of post-emergent herbicide. This product kills the broadleaf weeds in the yard. Before using this product, make sure of the temperature below 85 degrees Fahrenheit for a few days.

Tip # 07: Raking:

This the last of 7 lawn care tips for summer. After summer, when autumn arrives, the leaves of the trees begin to fall on the earth. It is better to rake the leaves daily. You should not wait to rake until the significant amount of leaves gather on the lawn. Otherwise, the gathered leaves will be witty and be sticky that will cause fungal diseases.

Lawn Mower Maintenance:

Maintenance of lawnmower is essential during this summer season. Maintain sharp blades when mowing for cleaning cuts of the grasses on your lawn and the garden. For keeping the edges of the greens straight, change your cutting pattern every time when you mow. With proper lawn care, the particular problems will go away from the lawn naturally. Then, everything in the garden will be smooth and under control usually.


There are merits or demerits are behind every act. Hope, you will make your lawn and garden greener than your expectation by following the 7 lawn care tips for summer above and get the long-desired lawn that you thought at the beginning of your yard.